Valentine’s Day—a time for hearts, candy, flowers, and confusion! Do we exchange gifts with someone we’ve just begun dating? If so, what’s the best present to give? And how much should we spend? Are flowers a must and where should they be delivered? Or is jewelry preferable? So many questions and so few answers—especially because men and women always disagree on Valentine’s Day. Or do they? The results from the It’s Just Lunch Valentine’s Day survey of over 1,400 men and women may surprise you!

Myth #1: If you go on even one date with a woman in February, she’ll assume she’s your date for Valentine’s Day.
Actually, according to our poll, men are more likely than women to assume they’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new flame. Specifically, 38% of the men (compared to only 26% of women) state they would expect to spend Valentine’s Day with someone they’d dated just 1 to 3 times.

Myth #2: Women always want expensive gifts
Women do appreciate a Valentine’s present but according to our survey, they don’t expect an expensive one—especially in the first couple months of dating. In fact, 53% of women indicate that a gift of $50 or less is appropriate if you’ve been seeing each other for just 1 to 3 months and 22% wouldn’t expect a gift at all.

Myth #3: Women want flowers delivered to their work so everyone can see them
Surprisingly, although women enjoy flowers—43% chose them as their preferred Valentine’s gift—most (58%) would rather have them presented in person. Here’s another unexpected finding—more men (27%) than women (20%) would like a bouquet delivered to their cubicle!

Myth #4: Women and men never agree on what to do on Valentine’s Day
Wrong again! Our survey found both men and women want to do “something” on Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, both genders agree going on a weekend getaway is a great option for celebrating the day. Men and women also love the idea of enjoying a nice Valentine’s dinner together. The only difference—men prefer dining at a place of significance to your relationship, whereas women would love a romantic home-cooked meal—prepared by their guy, of course!

Myth #5: Men just want sex for Valentine’s Day
Okay, admittedly, this one is kind of true. Of the men surveyed in our study 50% stated that sex is the very best Valentine’s Day gift. So perhaps we can’t actually debunk this myth. But we still surprised you, didn’t we? You thought the percentage would be way higher!

Remove the confusion from Valentine’s Day dating by being mindful of the findings above. Take it from our study—men and women actually have a lot in common when it comes to the season of love!

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